Frequently Asked Questions

This is a listing of most frequently asked questions compiled to get you back in swim lessons. They focus on social distancing, disinfecting, and other preventative measures. All policies are subject to change based on updated information and recommendations from local, state and federal authorities.


  • We are offering 30-minute private lessons at $75 per lesson and 30-minute semi-private lessons at $37.50 per lesson.
  • Our Dolphin Baby classes will have a 6:1 class size. One adult will accompany their child into the pool. Each adult will be provided a face shield. Tuition is $27 per lesson.
  • 30-minute social-distanced group lessons. Tuition is $27 per lesson.
  • Dolphin Team will have a maximum 4:1 class size. Tuition is $32 per lesson.
  • All team members that are not in the water will be wearing a face mask.  We ask everyone signing their children in to wear a face mask.  Children will not be wearing masks in the water.
  • All instructors in the water will be wearing a face shield.
  • We are not able to loan goggles at this time. We have goggles available for sale at the front desk or you may bring your own.
  • We ask that you contact us via phone or email concerning any questions, payments, or purchases.
  • We will not be scheduling courtesy makeups until further notice.
  • We want to reduce the crossover of swimmers.
  • We will do our best to provide makeups when group lessons return.
  • We are not able to issue credits for missed classes.
  • We ask for one adult per child.
  • We do understand that their may be situations where 2 adults need to attend.  Please just adhere to our 6 ft social distancing prompts.
  • Personal protective equipment will be worn by all instructors and staff.
  • Adjusted teaching techniques to practice distancing while maintaining safety.
  • All teaching aides, toys, mats, etc., will be cleaned after each class.
  • All surfaces will be disinfected after each class.
  • Installed protective sneeze guards at front desk.
  • Hand Sanitizer stations available.

We are very grateful for each of our Dolphin Families and swimmers. We take the safety of your family and our team seriously. Thank you for working with us to put these practices into place.