Swim Classes

Dolphin Academy Swim School specializes in offering year-round, small group swim instruction in a fun, challenging and creative environment. The standardized curriculum enables swimmers to learn the skills that are essential for water safety, recreation and competitive swimming. Dolphin Baby classes are offered for children six months to three years of age, who are accompanied by an adult in the water. The baby classes have a 6:1 student teacher ratio. Group lessons beginning at the age of three, have a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. The swim school also offers a swim club for advanced swimmers, as well as stroke technique classes for competitive swimmers, high-school swimmers and tri-athletes.

All classes offered by the Dolphin Academy are listed to the right. Take a few moments to see which class best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Small group classes are $81.00 for 4 classes (once weekly) per month. On months with 3 or 5 scheduled lessons, tuition will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of classes received each month.  For example, if you are only scheduled for 3 classes in a month due to a holiday closing, you will only pay for those 3 classes that month. Similarly, if you have 5 scheduled classes in a month, you will pay for 5 classes that month.

When you first register, you will pay your $35 registration fee and prorated tuition for the remaining lessons in the month.

We believe children learn best in a consistent environment and it takes time for students to become familiar and comfortable with instructors and expectations. We therefore require an eight class initial commitment when registering.

Our lessons are ongoing; you will remain enrolled in lessons until we receive a 30-day written notice when you wish to discontinue. You may fill out a withdrawal form either online or in- person at our facility.

No spaces are guaranteed until you register online and receive an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class, or you enroll at the swim school in-person. We do not have “sessions,” so classes are always going and you may start your child’s classes at any time that we have an opening that fits your schedule.