The Dolphin Academy


Join the Tadpole Class at Dolphin Academy Swim School for a watery journey filled with excitement! Tadpoles are beginner swimmers. In this class, these swimmers will become more comfortable in the water while learning foundational swimming skills.

The goals of a Tadpole class include…

Ready for a splash-tastic journey with the Tadpole Class? Enroll today and let the aquatic adventures begin! 🐠💦

Class Details


Flexibility is key! We'll make every effort to retain your preferred day and time as your child progresses to the next level. In the event that we can't, don't worry! We'll collaborate with you to discover a new day and time that seamlessly fits into your schedule.
No worries, water explorers! At Dolphin Academy Swim School, our super-savvy instructors are like underwater detectives, quick to spot skill variations and superhero abilities needed to stay at the top of their aquatic game. We get it – everyone's got their own splashy style and rhythm. That's why our instructors are like dance partners, adjusting their moves to match your child's unique swimming groove. We're not just teachers; we're swimtailored mentors who evaluate, adapt, and create a watery wonderland that suits every little swimmer's strengths and weaknesses. Dive in with us at Dolphin Academy, where we turn each swim into a splash-tacular adventure, ensuring Extraordinary Results that'll make your little one say, "Fish Yeah!" 🐬💦
  • Swimsuit for child
  • Dry clothes to change into
  • Towel
  • A bag for wet clothes
  • Goggles

Ratio :

Ages 3-4 student/teacher ratio 3:1 and ages 5+ student/teacher 4:1

Duration : 30 minutes

Age : 3+

Skill level : Beginner


Breath-Holding Marvels:

Our Tadpoles ace the art of breath control, turning every pool session into a breath-holding marvel! With games and activities, we make learning to control that breath a breeze, setting the foundation for confident underwater explorations.


Float and Flutter Fun:

Tadpoles become aqua acrobats as they master the art of floating and fluttering! Our playful approach to propulsion, floating, and streamlining turns each lesson into a water ballet, creating a foundation for graceful and confident swimming.


Submersion Spectacular:

Dive deep into the Submersion Spectacular! Tadpoles conquer the thrill of going underwater, discovering a whole new world beneath the surface. Our skilled instructors make submersion a safe and sensational experience for your budding swimmers.


Destination Discovery:

Tadpoles embark on a swimming journey where every lap is a new adventure. With Destination Swimming, they learn to navigate the waters with enthusiasm, building the confidence to reach exciting aquatic destinations in style!