The Dolphin Academy


Join the Orca Class at Dolphin Academy Swim School, where young swimmers embark on a thrilling aquatic journey, mastering advanced skills with a splash of fun and excitement! Our Orca swimmers are strong kickers on their back and stomach, can tread water for at least 30 seconds, and have started learning the basics of freestyle. Swimmers in this class will build endurance by swimming farther and learning the foundations of competitive swimming strokes.

The goals of the Orca class include…

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Class Details

Ratio : 4:1 Student/Teacher

Duration : 30 minutes

Age : 5+

Skill level : Intermediate


Freestyle Finale - Side-Breathing Maestros:

Join the Freestyle Finale! Orca swimmers become maestros of freestyle swimming, perfecting side-breathing brilliance through engaging drills. Every lap becomes a rhythmic dance in the water, creating a splashy symphony of strokes.


Backstroke Bliss Unleashed:

Backstroke Bliss takes center stage as Orca swimmers dive deeper into backstroke brilliance! With skill-focused drills, they refine their technique, transforming every backstroke into a graceful and confident swim across the aquatic stage.


Butterfly Ballet - Dive into Aquatic Elegance:

Unleash the Butterfly Ballet! Orca swimmers embrace the enchanting world of butterfly strokes, dipping their fins into the elegance of this aquatic dance. It’s a splashy ballet of fluttering strokes, adding a touch of magic to their swimming repertoire.


Breaststroke Bliss - Dive into Poetic Aquatics:

Dive into Breaststroke Bliss! Orca swimmers explore the rhythmic beauty of breaststroke with drills that turn every stroke into a poetic and delightful part of their advanced aquatic skills.