The Dolphin Academy

Minnow 1

Jump into the Minnow 1 Class at Dolphin Academy Swim School, where confident little swimmers take their aquatic skills to the next level! Our Minnow 1’s are comfortable in the water without a floatation device and can float independently for 15 seconds. They can streamline glide and can also jump in and get back to the wall by themselves. In this class, swimmers will become stronger in the water by learning to kick effectively and get a breath while swimming.

The goals of a Minnow 1 class include…

Enroll your little ones in the Minnow 1 Class and watch them dive into a world of confidence, giggles, and aquatic achievements!

Ratio :

Ages 3-4 student/teacher ratio 3:1 and ages 5+ student/teacher 4:1

Duration : 30 minutes

Age : 3+

Skill level : Beginner/Intermediate

Class Details


Breathe, Roll, Swim - The Minnow Magic Formula:

Unleash the Minnow Magic! Our engaging classes focus on refining body positioning, mastering breath control, and introducing rollover breathing. It’s a watery wonderland where each lesson is a magical step toward becoming a Minnow maestro!


Streamlining Superstars:

Become a Streamlining Superstar! Minnows kick it up a notch, perfecting the art of streamlined movement and kicking. It’s a fin-tastic voyage as they glide through the water with grace and excitement, setting the stage for future swimming triumphs.


Roll, Laugh, Achieve - Minnow Milestones:

Celebrate the Minnow Milestones! From perfecting rollover breathing to mastering body positioning, every achievement is a cause for celebration. Our classes create a positive and supportive environment where Minnows flourish into confident swimmers.


Destination Splashdown Excursions:

Set sail on Destination Splashdowns! Minnows embark on aquatic adventures, learning the art of destination swimming. Guided by our expert instructors, they navigate the waves with confidence, turning every lap into a thrilling journey to new underwater realms.