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Dolphin Babies


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dolphin Babies - Dolphin Babies are required to wear a Dolphin-approved Happy Nappy swim diaper. They are $15 each, which we will bill to your credit card on file. They will be available at your first lesson.

Tadpole and Up - Goggles, a towel, and a change of clothes!

Our Dolphin Babies classes begin at 6 months old.

Our Dolphin Babies program is for children under 3 years old and a parent or guardian is required to be in the water for the duration of the lesson.

Dolphin Babies - 6:1 Parent and Student / Teacher Ratio

Ages 3-4 - 3:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

Ages 5+ - 4:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

Yes, practicing at home can make a significant difference! You'd be surprised how many various skills can be honed through practice in a bathtub!

We Change Lives, Everyday

Guess what? Tiny tots who dip their toes into the aquatic realm before blowing out their first birthday candle supercharge their motor skills, circulation, and lung capacity. Talk about a baby boost! Plus, swimming is like a superhero cape for their immune system, keeping those sniffles at bay.

Learning to swim isn’t just about poolside cool points – it’s a safety superpower. No matter your child’s age, the water awaits their aquatic journey. So, why wait? Splash into the fun, make a splash in your child’s life, and let the watery wonders begin! 

Unique Learning Environment

We’re not just teaching swim strokes; we’re crafting aquatic adventures that boost your child’s confidence, vitality, and safety in the water. Our expert instructors make learning to swim an exciting journey filled with goggle greatness and super splash skills. With a focus on fun safety swims, we turn swim lessons into a memorable experience for your little ones. 

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