The Dolphin Academy

Dolphin Babies

Dolphin Baby classes are parent and child classes for babies and toddlers 6 months to 35 months. In these classes swimmers will learn how to be comfortable in the water while bonding with their parent/adult.
Dolphin Babies are required to wear a Dolphin-approved Happy Nappy swim diaper. They are $15 each, which we will bill to your credit card on file. They will be available at your first lesson.

Class Details


Yes! This class requires an adult in the water with the dolphin baby at all times!
The Happy Nappy is a reusable neoprene swim diaper that's got your little one's back against surprise pool party poopers! Trusted by parents globally, the Happy Nappy stands out as the perfect eco-friendly choice, providing a secure and effective alternative to disposable swim diapers.
  • A Happy Nappy
  • Swimsuit for child
  • Swimsuit for adult
  • Clothes to change into
  • Towels
  • A bag for wet clothes

Ratio : 6:1 Parent & Student/Teacher

Duration : 30 minutes

Age : 6 Months - 35 Months

Skill level : Beginner


Dive into Delightful Depths

Tailored for tiny tots aged 6 months to 3 years, our classes are a blend of water play, bonding, and skill-building that’ll have your little otter splashing with joy.


Water Wonders for Wee Ones

Our classes go beyond traditional swim lessons—they’re a celebration of water wonders! From giggly water games to adorable aquatic activities, every moment is designed to make your little one’s introduction to water a whimsical and memorable experience.


Splashy Tunes and Giggles Galore

Make a splash with the rhythm of laughter! Our classes are filled with catchy tunes and giggles, turning each lesson into a musical water ballet. It’s not just a swim class; it’s a toe-tapping, giggle-inducing aquatic fiesta for both you and your dolphin tot!


Dolphin Safety and Skills

Safety is our top priority! Our certified coaches ensure a safe and supportive environment for both parent and baby. Watch as your little one learns fundamental water skills, building confidence and creating a foundation for a lifetime of swimming adventures.