The Dolphin Academy

Minnow 2

Join the Minnow 2 Class at Dolphin Academy Swim School, where young swimmers take their water skills to the next level in a sea of excitement! Our Minnow 2’s can confidently kick on their stomach and on their back independently. They are able to kick on their stomach and call roll to their back to get a breath while continuing to kick. In this class swimmers will begin using their arms to move through the water more efficiently. 

The goals of a Minnow 2 class include…

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Class Details

Ratio :

Ages 3-4 student/teacher ratio 3:1 and ages 5+ student/teacher 4:1

Duration : 30 minutes

Age : 3+

Skill level : Intermediate


Freestyle Funtastic: Rolling into Action!

Get ready for Freestyle Funtastic! Minnow 2s roll from stomach to back, perfecting the art of freestyle with rolling breathing. It’s a watery ballet of flips and turns that adds a dash of flair to their swimming style.


Roll, Roll, Roll - Stomach to Back Mastery:

Roll, roll, roll into success! Our Minnows become masters of rolling, smoothly transitioning from stomach to back with finesse. It’s a playful journey where each roll is a step closer to becoming aquatic acrobats!


Backstroke Bliss - Streamlining on the Flip Side:

Experience Backstroke Bliss as Minnow 2s achieve streamlining on their backs! With the guidance of our expert instructors, they navigate the waters with style, embracing the flip side of aquatic fun.


Float and Tread - Water Wonders:

Float into Water Wonders! Minnows learn the secrets of treading water, turning every splash into a moment of triumph. It’s a skill that adds a new dimension to their aquatic repertoire, building confidence and control.