• Registration fee
    • There is a $35 annual registration fee per family for small group lessons.
    • Dolphin Team registration fee will be $125 per year, which includes a team suit, cap, t-shirt and intra-team meet fees.
  • When you first register, your initial tuition payment will be for the remaining lessons in the month that you start.
  • No spaces are guaranteed until you register online and receive an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class or you enroll at the school in-person. We do not have sessions, so classes are always going and you may start your child’s classes at any time that we have an opening that fits your schedule.
  • We ask for a 30-day written notice when you wish to discontinue.
  • Start and stop dates may be anytime during the month. Initial and final month’s tuition will be prorated to reflect the actual number of lessons scheduled.

Our new “Phase One” class structure options:

Due to social distancing and health regulations, we are very limited in the number of private lesson slots available. Registration for classes will open June 6th. Classes will begin on June 15th.


  • 20 minute lesson ($32.50/lesson)

Dolphin Baby

  • 20 minute lesson ($30.00/lesson) (Maximum of 3 swimmers/adult to maintain 6ft distancing)