Dolphin Team

Practices will promote a team environment, small group sizes, and experienced coaches who provide instruction and workouts designed to develop the competitive swimmer. Practices will be 45 minutes or 1 hour, depending on the group your swimmer is invited to join.

Dolphin Team tuition will be $100 for 4 scheduled lessons per month or $150 for 8 scheduled lessons per month. On months with 3 or 5 scheduled lessons, tuition will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of classes received each month. The Dolphin Team registration fee will be $125 per year, which includes a team suit, cap, t-shirt and intra-team meet fees.

A swim evaluation is required for team placement. Click here to register; you will be contacted to set up your evaluation.

Dolphin Team Makeup Policy

Makeup lessons for team will only be eligible if you cancel before your child’s original class time. Makeups can only be scheduled in a class spot that has been cancelled by another family.

Makeup lessons require a “Dolphin Family Effort.” Please be a diligent Dolphin Family Team player and notify the front desk in advance when your child is unable to attend. Your absence opens a spot for another family to schedule their makeup. If everyone works together, we will have plenty of makeup spots for everyone.