The Dolphin Academy


Join the Tadpole Class at Dolphin Academy Swim School for a watery journey filled with excitement! Tadpoles are beginner swimmers. In this class, these swimmers will become more comfortable in the water while learning foundational swimming skills.

The goals of a Tadpole class include…

Ready for a splash-tastic journey with the Tadpole Class? Enroll today and let the aquatic adventures begin! 🐠💦

Registration Fee

There is a $35 annual registration fee per family.

Email Confirmation

No spaces are guaranteed until you register online and receive an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class.

Continuous Classes

We do not have “sessions,” so classes are ongoing and you may start your child’s classes at any time that we have an opening that fits your schedule.

Small group classes are $120.00 for 4 classes (once weekly) per month. On months with 3 or 5 scheduled lessons, tuition will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of classes received each month.  For example, if you are only scheduled for 3 classes in a month due to a holiday closing, you will only pay for those 3 classes ($90.00) that month. Similarly, if you have 5 scheduled classes in a month, you will pay for 5 classes ($150.00) that month.